Access and use of intelligentcompliance is paid by monthly subscription, starting at £29.00. Your subscription works by loading your account with cash credits, which are used to pay for the Full AML Reports, quick PEP/Sanctions Checks, International Client Searches and PRS searches.

At the highest level, the effective rate of the searches is £1.25 (Full AML), £0.50 (PEP/Sanction), £1.00 (International client) and £0.50 (PRS). The subscription includes all the other features and benefits, and our free trial will help you predict which subscription level will best suit your business

All of our intelligentcompliance plans include help and support.

Online resources

Our online videos will support you with your AML annual training obligations.

Live chat support

Chat online to one of our dedicated support team.

Let’s talk

Chat on the phone to one of our dedicated support team.

Automatic updates

In line with regulation changes, ensuring you’re always AML compliant.

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