Minimise risk with our real-time
risk assessment tool

It’s a legal requirement to risk assess all vendors and buyers under HMRC’s Money Laundering regulations. Our simple tool helps protect your agency against a number of business risks, such as being involved in fraudulent property sales that could be part of a money laundering scheme. Whatever the case, due diligence in the form of thorough online checks can help minimise such risks to your agency.

Real-time risk

Real-time risk assessments are simple to complete and provide clear guidance on the right next steps, depending on the identified level of risk, helping you fulfill your legal obligations.

Verify clients with online identification checks

Our identification checks verify an individual using secure digital tools, whilst providing an essential audit trail for your agency.

iamproperty compliance accesses multiple data sources to provide you with extensive results, including:

A Beneficial Owner

A Politically Exposed Person (PEP) – Domestically or Internationally

Subject to HM Treasury Sanctions

Known as Deceased

You’ll save time and money, as it provides a clear ‘pass’ or ‘refer’ decision – in real-time. For buyers, it can also reduce the risk
and cost of sending important original ID documents by post.

Access experts
through our AML
compliance helpline

Provided by leading compliance experts, Compliance Matters, our free compliance helpline gives you direct access to the experts when you need them most.

Looking for support with compliance training or audits?

Search the Property
Register, quickly
and easily

Quickly find out sole or joint ownership of a property so you can undertake risk assessments on all owners.

All your vital information
in one place

With iamproperty compliance you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Keep all documents associated with an individual risk assessment and a transaction all in one place.

Our easy to use, customisable dashboard also allows you to see all of your AML compliance activity at a glance, essential for AML compliance officers monitoring high risk transactions.

Order Land Registry

Order and download Title Registers and Title Plans – ultimate convenience to perform all your searches in one place.

Assign feature
access to users

The iamproperty compliance admin portal puts you in complete control. Choose which features each user can access, tailored to their role within your agency.

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