Welcome to the iamproperty Family – Michael & Tom

With November closing in fast and Christmas soon to be around the corner, we’d like to take the time to welcome and celebrate all those new to the iamproperty family. Michael Hall and Tom Musham both joined Intelligent Services Group and IAM Sold late September, breaking through that first month barrier with ease.

Michael settled into the role of Software Developer within the software team comfortably, hitting it off with all nearby departments “My team and the others around (HR and Marketing) have all made me feel very comfortable already. Martin Hall, in particular, has been great! He also started recently and always ensures I’m settled and enjoying my time here.”

Michael has worked diligently from the get-go, receiving praise from Ross Cooney, iamproperty’s Development Manager, for “getting up to speed quickly”, particularly with solving company-wide software issues and the development of the new group website, “make the users experience effortlessly”.

Michael concluded his first month with “ It’s great to be a part of a company that genuinely seem to value their people. Trying to understand a new system brings about a big challenge which is always a good test of character and something I’m excited to master”.


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Tom joined iamproperty and its dynamic sales team as an Auction Specialist working within the southern region. Under a diverse group of individuals, Tom explained the warm welcome he received during his first week:

“I was incredibly impressed by the atmosphere the company has managed to create. It’s managed to strike a perfect balance between being an efficient, successful sales team with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere.

I’ve felt very at ease in my first few weeks. Everyone is very friendly and you can tell that morale is high amongst my colleagues. It’s refreshing to be able to come to work and have a laugh.”

Further to Tom’s smooth transfer into his role, he has been very successful developing within his team “I’ve managed to get four contracts sent out in my first full week of doing the job properly. I’m quite satisfied with that, given that I don’t yet have all my branches.”

While Tom’s first month has been highly memorable and exciting, he finished by highlighting his most unforgettable moment “I was desperate to be a part of the company. I felt like the tables had been turned and Mark and Tom (who interviewed me) were selling the position to me. I left REALLY wanting the position and to my surprise I got it! Another moment I won’t forget would have to be getting pizzas delivered on Friday when everyone went to Dusseldorf…who doesn’t love Dominos for lunch!?”

With an ever-expanding iamproperty family and a fantastic group of supporting and caring people, we would like to express our praise to all those new and old, welcoming all future staff as we grow and achieve new heights in the property industry.

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